Graphic Xpress presents FishinLog 2007, a full featured fishing log database customized to your individual requirements.

  • Define your own Fish Types.
  • Define your own Bait Types.
  • Define your own Fishing Locations.
  • Define your own Anglers.

Add, Edit or Delete your Fishing Locations. Or Search for Locations with or with out Date Range. Keep track of:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Number of Fish
  • Angling Start Time
  • Angling Stop Time
  • Angling Time
  • Motor Start Time
  • Motor Stop Time
  • Motor Run Time
  • Gas
  • Air Temperature
  • Water Temperature
  • Moon Phase
  • Weather
  • Comments


Add, Edit or Delete your Fishing Log records. Keep track of:

  • Angler
  • Time
  • Fish Type
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Bait
  • Method
  • Depth
  • Comments
  • Waypoint Latitude
  • Waypoint Longitude
    • Map your catches to your own lake maps
  • FishinLog 2001 allows you to view and print Reports based on:

    Graphic Xpress and FishinLog 2001 provides all of these features for

    $25.00 includes shipping and tax for Ohio State residents.

    Graphic Xpress can be contacted at:

    91 West Rahn Road

    Dayton, Ohio 45429

    Phone # 937-436-0835